My Tribe

Here you'll find a curated collection of amazing projects and people who I support with my whole heart. Some of them are my friends, some of them I know through their work, some of them are my past and current clients, some of them are projects I am or used to be involved in.

Artisia - a safe space for visionaries and change makers to incubate the blueprints for a new reality
Allpamamas - Sustainable fashion from Ecuador
A/B Screenwear - Fashion as Art Brand by Olga Petrova-Jackson
Agape Studios - A creative agency focused on experience design, BTL advertisement, installations and concept design for photography and video
AstralSurf - Astrology readings & education
Ancient Feathers - Urban Sanctuary based in Barcelona, founded by Lucas Harper
Canvas by Querencia Studios - an experiential retail and event company focused on addressing the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals
Ekaterina Vorontsov - Excellent artistic and portrait photographer (She took all photos you see on my website)
Fabricant - The first digital-only fashion house
Fashion is Your Business Podcast - podcast highlighting fashion tech innovation I co-host at periodically
Fashion Tech Berlin - the leading fashion tech conference advocating for the future of fashion's digital transformation
Kjartan Rumpsfeld - Powerful energy healer and consciousness upgrader
LUKSO - Blockchain for creative industries
Mario Lanzarotti - Motivating change agent & life coach
Official Rebrand - Gender-free fashion brand that revives discarded clothing
Portfolio Career Podcast - podcast by David Nebinski that unfolds stories and insights from people with existing portfolio careers
Polina Outkina - Outstanding psychic astrologer & visionary
Seekers and Healers - media site that inspires transformation through stories of seekers who overcame their limitations and now living their purpose
Stefania Chekalina - outstanding fashion stylist
The Art of Energetic Healing School - Energy Healing school by one of my core spiritual teachers, powerhouse Reiki Master, Suzy Meszoly
ThaiVedic - holistic medicine courses combining Ayurveda, Thai Bodywork and Yoga Therapy I've attended in 2019
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