Balanced Humanity is a quantum communications agency co-created with her tribe of tribes from 2030s, when we have collectively reached the tipping point of people living from their hearts on Planet Earth.

Quantum = a moment of history catalyzing REBALANCING & UNIFICATION of our Humanity captured in video, image and voice.

We co-create from the best possible timeline for all Beings and have a tendency to push buttons of the audience for the accelerated ascension towards deeper awakening and unconditional love.

We are dedicated to transparent and pure communications with an edge of personality rooted in unconditional love and joyful play.

We commit to act on our highest excitement and only work with projects and people who PASS the Mark of Unconditional Love & Truth Energy. Email us to be considered to be woven into our story of Real Life Superheroes who CONSISTENTLY show up towards our Common Goal of Unification.

We unite in our creation process and allow each other to be where they are on the Path.

We communicate UNIVERSAL TRUTH, beyond our personal or interpersonal agendas.

2020 is the year of deep catalyst for SHIFT in HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS first and foremost, which results in an organic systematic change in the collective and across all social structures.

We share our Truth on, a decentralized social media platform that is working towards providing a safe space for us to share and co-curate the visuals of the way life on New Earth looks and feels.

We are energy bouncer of the Earth. The Earth is our primary client that we all share and serve unconditionally to. We listen. We care. We synthesize our collective unconscious and speak up the deepest Truth.

Our services include:

  • Weaving stories and projects that resonate as unconditional love & Truth - finding where your story integrates with the Bigger story of Humanity's Unification by 2030s.
  • Quantum Communications - highest timeline manifestation via evoking powerful and intentional words and emotions
  • Direct relationship building with humans within variety of new media & introductions to ACTUAL influencers
  • Synchronistically connect with our network of healers, coaches, entrepreneurs, artists, advertisers, writers and community igniters
  • Provide channelled copywriting for website, social media & press releases - your choice of how deeply quantum you and your company aims to express in public
  • Produce, promote and host quantum events and councils that provide space for deeper reflection and results-driven collective energy healing & old paradigm's releasing work
  • Quantum leaping via guided manifestation rituals & crystals & objects layouts work
  • Location-specific energetic grids activation and land-focused energy work

Together, we are weaving an open source documentary of the Deepest Truth. We are modeling ancient ways of connecting with the Source and openly sharing and preserving Elders' & Indigenous voices, capture and share rituals that connect us back to Nature, guide us back to our Global Home.

The MARK of Unconditional Love and Truth Frequency.
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