NYC-Based Digital Nomad living in the Heart-Space. I talk about what it means on my Instagram, so follow me there.
I present myself as a conscious truth teller and weaver of people, places and events. Some call me a Cosmic Hacker, some - Urban Shaman - you choose..
At the core of it all I am an excellent sales & PR person, business developer & project manager by trade and intuitive coach, healer, astrologer and modern tarot reader by my heart's calling.

In a broader sense, I am hybrid, an integrated awakened intelligence operating between the realms of consciousness with a goal of creating a more peaceful, loving, healthy and joyful life on this Planet. Which will result in many other important things, such as saving animals and plants from extinction, preserving the abundance, diversity and beauty of the Earth, creating a humanity that is based on Unity and not separation. Yes, I'm here to change the world. Aren't you?
I grew up in Moscow, Russia in the 90s, during the times of a societal transition from a communist to capitalist structure. The chaos we experienced at that time is very unique to my generation - it taught me to feel comfortable with a constant flow of change, feel total peace in the unknown, and stay open, joyful and curious - even at times where it logically makes no sense to have fun.

My Pisces Sun with lots of fire and water in my Astrology birth chart makes me a very determined and action-driven person, and stay peaceful within a constant flow of situations, people and events around me. This is why in my journey of coming back to Self I've discovered archetypes of nomad and shaman within me. I tend to operate more freely and confidently in the dream world than in the given reality. But I choose to walk on the edge and assist people in navigation through their spiritual journeys and invite them to walk between the worlds with me and choose it to be a joyful and intentional walk.

Growing up I trained to become a professional ballroom and latin dancer and when I was 15-16 I followed my passion for art and design that led me to explore fashion industry as a career path. I studied in Milan, London and NYC and became a fashion business professional in sales, buying, merchandising and e-commerce. I launched my first collection when I was 16, opened my own store when I was 19, and had an independent sales & PR practice when I was 21. After college graduation in NYC I followed the semi-traditional path of the Matrix world and ended up in different fashion tech start ups, where I never felt truly fulfilled as I was constantly looking for more freedom of expression. This was a huge sign for me to follow my own path in entrepreneurship and establish my consultancy, Balanced Fashion in 2017 that is set to raise awareness about conscious consumption, guide towards mindful use of innovative technology and contribute to sustainable fashion industry development. At the same time I've been going through an intensive healing stage in my life and experienced the process of unfolding of who I really am, is an integrated collection of projects that comprise an image of who I am in this given reality. It is by far not all that I am, but this website paints a picture of some of my core values, goals and skills.

I invite you to follow my deeply personal Instagram account to learn more about who I AM, as I'm going through this life, this process of unfolding of my pure creative potential.

I also invite you to sign up to my YouTube channel where I post various video series reflecting aspects of my life's journey as well as weekly Collective Consciousness energy readings through tarot cards + Twin Flames energy readings.
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