Photo By Arina Kiseleva
Human: Nataliya
NYC-Based Digital Nomad living in the Heart-Space. I talk about what it means on my Instagram, so follow me there.
I present myself as a conscious truth teller and weaver of people, places and events. Some call me a Cosmic Hacker, some - Urban Shaman - you choose..
At the core of it all I am an excellent sales & PR person, business developer & project manager by trade and new reality weaver, real story-teller, healer, astrologer and modern tarot reader by my heart's calling.

In a broader sense, I am hybrid, an integrated awakened intelligence operating between the realms of consciousness with a goal of creating a more peaceful, loving, healthy and joyful life on this Planet. Which will result in many other important things, such as saving animals and plants from extinction, preserving the abundance, diversity and beauty of the Earth, creating a humanity that is based on Unity and not separation. Yes, I'm here to change the world. Aren't you?
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